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How to make water look dreamy
How to blur water workshop  
Photos of waterfalls and rivers can often look static or lifeless. By blurring the water though, it can take on a dreamlike appearance. In my blurring water tutorial I’ll explain how to achieve this effect.
How to use your flash outdoors
How to use your flash on daytime portraits workshop  
Photos of people on bright or overcast days, can often come out a little dark. The trick here is to use your flash to boost the foreground. In my fill-in flash tutorial I’ll show you what to do.

Backing up your digital photos
Most people transfer their photos onto their computers, but if you erase your cards, this could be your only copy. In my photo backup guide I'll discuss protecting your precious memories.
DSLR Tips lens guide
DSLR Lens buyers guide  
Buying more lenses is one of the joys of owning a DSLR, but where do you start? In my lens guide I'll reveal all, explaining focal length, aperture and much more! Don't buy a lens until you read this!
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